Kobe Bryant
Photo: Keith Allison/via Wikimedia Commons

Former NBA champion Kevin Love had the opportunity to be teammates with two of the greatest basketball players ever in Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

He was on Team USA with Kobe and spent four years in Cleveland with LeBron. When asked which player caused biggest response from him, Love went with the late Lakers legend.

“100% Kobe,” Love said on The Ask Gary Vee Show. “No disrespect to Bron cause he brings them out too. There’s that energy in the gym, you’re getting everybody’s best game.

“Your whole mindset shifts too when you get on a team like that. But we were a superteam expected to have the potential to win a championship.

“But when I first got into the league, Kobe Bryant, it didn’t matter if it was a soft Tuesday in Minneapolis, Kobe’s bringing them out. There’s a buzz in the city that Kobe is there.”