From time to time people like to compare different NBA eras and discuss which era is better, which teams would be better if they played now and so on.

The topic came in a recent conversation between Kyle Kuzma and Draymond Green. Both players agreed that is not wise to compare eras. Kuzma added that some teams would thrive in modern NBA.

The former Laker brought an example of the Showtime Lakers, led by Magic Johnson, and how fast he played, pointing out the fact that it is very similar to how the game is played now.

“It’s dumb [to compare eras]. It’s also play styles and there’s officiating – are we going to play with handchecks or are we going to play freedom of movement, right?” Kuzma said on The Draymond Green Show.

“There’s certain teams that can get away with certain things. I believe that the Showtime Lakers they would f*cking dominate this era. I was watching Magic [Johnson] in the 80s, just highlights like earlier in the summer. People don’t realize he was fast as sh*t. No, no, he was fast as hell. He was getting the rebound up the court in 3 dribbles. That’s the NBA now, right? Right or wrong. Kill.”