Photo: Getty Images

It looks like fans need to circle the two matchups of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers for the upcoming regular season, as Bennedict Mathurin wants all the smoke against LeBron James. 

In an interview prior to the 2022 NBA Draft, Mathurin made it clear that he wants to test the greatness of the basketball icon — further noting that James has to show that he’s better between themselves. 

A lot of people say he’s great,” Mathurin said, according to Ben Golliver of the Washington Post. “I want to see how great he is. I don’t think anybody is better than me. He’s going to have to show me he’s better than me.”

While majority of the young players in the league nowadays are not shying away to express their admiration to the four-time league MVP, this new Pacers rookie is truly a different breed regarding his competitive approach and fearless confidence — which may aid him to reach his full potential and claim high levels of success for years to come within the association. 

A 20-year-old cager hailed from Quebec, Mathurin is a prized pick for the Pacers as the sixth selection of the annual rookie draft. Serving as a swingman standout from Arizona for the past two seasons, he is now expected to be placed in the helm of the franchise’ promising project with Tyrese Haliburton and Chris Duarte.