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Steph Curry says he was inspired by the way David Ortiz carried himself with Red Sox

Photo: David Ortiz- Twitter

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry talked about being inspired by David Ortiz’s career with the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday.

(Via House of Highlights):

“I was just inspired by it. Seth Curry is the big Yankees fan. I’m the big Red Sox fan. Growing up in North Carolina, I never got to come up here and go to games or anything. You just watched, enjoyed the history. Those iconic moments that Big Papi was always a part of, even the championship moments, the way that he was kinda an ambassador for the city, a spokesman for the city, just the I guess reception and chemistry he had with this town. All of that is inspiring, for sure.

I had a raver of a bachelor party at a Red Sox game back in 2011. I got to go to two games in the interleague series against the Cubs. Got to connect with him for the first time and meet him. Gave me a bat. Got to go into the depths of the Green Monster and just see the atmosphere and the culture that he was trying to continue as an iconic Red Sox player. All that stuff mattered. It was just dope to have that kinda come full circle, for sure. Pretty special career, obviously, that he had.”

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