Andre Drummond
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Last season Andre Drummond got chance to play for the Lakers for the first time in his career. The center was singed by Los Angeles as a free agent in the second half of the season and appeared in 27 games for the team (including postseason).

The two sides did not extend their cooperation after the season ended and Drummond moved on to sign with the 76ers before getting traded to the Nets.

Remembering his time in LA, the 28-year-old center admits that it is different playing for the Lakers because of high expectations. “The Lakers is exactly what you think it is man,” he said.

“You gotta be built differently to play for that organization. You gotta be mentally strong not only on the court, but off the court too because there’s so much expectations to being a Laker and putting that purple and gold on.

“Because if you ain’t living up to expectations they will let you know you ain’t worthy enough to put on that jersey. So, you got to play to the best of your ability and play hard each and every night, regardless win, lose or draw. You got to just play hard. That’s what they respect.”

Drummond averaged 11.9 points, 10.2 rebounds in 24.8 minutes per game for the Lakers last season.