Adam Silver
Photo: Bleacher Report

The All-NBA voting system has received criticism after one of the top MVP candidates – Joel Embiid – was voted to the All-NBA Second Team.

Currently, the media that is voting, has to pick a single player for each position. Therefore, when there is more than one player in the same position who deserves to be in the All-NBA First Team, they can not be voted in.

For example, this year there were two centers that arguably deserved to be on the First Team, namely current MVP Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that to address the issue the league will consider removing restriction how many players from each position can be on the First Team.

Via Tim Bontemps of ESPN:

“In terms of determinations for All-NBA, I think a fair amount of consideration is going into whether [the media] should just be picking top players than be picking by position,” Silver said at a news conference ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday. “I think we are a league that has moved increasingly toward position-less basketball, and the current system may result in some inequities based on the happenstance of what your position is.

“So that is something we’re looking at. It’s something that we will discuss with the players association because it has an impact on incentives and players contracts, and it has, you know, deep meaning for their legacy as well. So we will look at those things.”