The Lakers are forced to look for young players that could potentially get overlooked during the NBA Draft as they have no draft picks this year.

Several players worked out for Los Angeles hoping to be signed by the team. Last year Austin Reaves was a success story of a player who earned his place on the Lakers roster after going undrafted. Alex Caruso came before him.

23-year-old guard/forward Jordan Usher got a chance to show his skill to the Lakers during a workout. He graduated from Georgia Tech and is now focused on basketball.

“I think I was able to show my voice,” Usher said when asked what he was able to show during the workout. “I’m always loud, giving energy, having a good time. It’s a Monday I just graduated so I got nothing on my mind but basketball, get to chase my dream. So, I had a good time. I felt I got to show a good sense of myself and just have fun and work out for an amazing team.”

Usher was then asked about what he could bring to the Lakers if gets the chance to play in the NBA. He described himself as a hard working player who is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win.

“Really just a hard-nosed kind of do everything,” he said about himself. “You need me to jump on the floor, I’m jumping on the floor. You need me to sit on the bench, I’m sitting on the bench. You want me to jump through the wall – that’s what I’m doing.

“I give my bucket up, I rinse out my rag every day. Bring a bunch of energy. I’m doing what I’m told, I’m a good soldier. So I’m trying to just fit in and help a team win a lot. That’s what I like to do.”