Recently Patrick Beverley made headlines with his comments on ESPN about Chris Paul. The Timberwolves point guard called the 12-time NBA All-Star ‘a cone’ for not playing defense, saying that nobody in the league is afraid of him.

While giving Paul heavy criticism, Beverley defended his former teammate James Harden for his performance this past season. The 33-year-old point guard said he would give the Beard a super max contract.

These comments did not sit well with a former NBA champion and current analyst Kendrick Perkins who called out Beverley on air for defending his friend Harden.

“I watched you come on here on Monday and I watch you sit up here and I watch you dismantle CP3. I watch you give CP3 the business,” Perkins said. Beverley asked him if he told a lie when making comments about Paul.

“You didn’t tell a lie [about Chris Paul], but you didn’t tell the truth about James Harden, your homie. So when come here and you come on TV and now you’re taking yourself out of the basketball space and you coming over here and you being the NBA analyst, homies don’t matter no more.

“You got to come here and speak the truth. And you was telling the lie and the truth was nowhere near you for the simple fact that if you’re going to sit up here and tell us that James Harden deserved a super max after the performance and after what he did in Philadelphia this past season? You were telling a lie and all you were showing us was that was your homeboy that you was protecting.”

Perkins reminded Beverley that he asked sports analyst Stephen A. Smith to give the same kind of slander to Paul that he gives to Ben Simmons, while he himself did not do the same when talking about Paul and Harden.

“Because [Harden] wasn’t getting cooked defensively,” Beverley tried to explain himself. “We’re talking about something offensively from another standpoint. We wasn’t about anything offense. I mean, you ask me a question, I’ll give you answers.

“Just because you don’t like the answer I’m getting KP, that’s another thing. I’m just stating facts. We’re entitled to our own opinion. You have your opinion, I have my.”