Luka Doncic has plenty of accomplishments for a 23-year-old. He carried the Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals where his team lost to the Warriors in five games.

After the final game of the season Dallas head coach Jason Kidd was asked about what is the next step for the Slovenian superstar and what his vision is for the next year.

“Yeah, he’s incredible,” Kidd said. “I don’t have exit meetings. I just had it with the team. I’ll go visit him at some point on his turf. And then we’ll sit down and I’ll talk about a game plan and he’ll tell me if it’s good or not. And if it’s good, then we’ll roll, and if it’s not, then I got to go back to the drawing board.

“I think his growth of playing off the ball we asked him to come off the ball and get behind the defense and he was all for it. I think the next step is understanding how long the season really is if you want to win a championship. I think this is a good start for him.”

Kidd also said that he has a great relationship with Doncic and wants to help him achieve his goal of winning an NBA championship.

“I’m here to help him achieve that goal and that’s to win a championship. But I think when you look at the parts of his game, they’re all above average. They’re all excellent. It’s just now being able to play the gae within the game and that’s what we’ll really talk about.”