Photo: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Three coaches are reportedly the leading candidates for the Lakers head coaching job. They are Darvin Ham, Kenny Atkinson and Terry Stotts.

It was reported that one of the top candidates, Juwan Howard, declined the offer and chose to remain in Michigan where he is coaching his two sons.

Former NBA player Jay Williams says that there is a lot of hesitancy in taking the Lakers job. “What I’ve been hearing around the league is there’s been a lot of hesitancy around the job due to a lot of chaos that goes along within the front office,” he said on ESPN.

Out of the three favorites for the job, Williams likes Ham, who he knos personally, the most. At the same time he thinks that it would a very difficult job to take for him.

“I think it’s one of those situation for Darvin where he needs a job and that’s a legit opportunity to coach LeBron James, AD and Russell Westbrook as they try to figure out what that personnel and what that roster looks like. But that’s one hell of a job to have as your first job.”