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The NBA is home to some of the most dedicated players in sports, maximizing their physical abilities to bring home crucial points each game. But how often are players taking low-quality shots and not looking to attack the basket?

The Action Network is able to disclose the hardest-working players in the NBA, exploring the distance covered throughout the 2021-22 season and highlighting the calories each player and team burned on game days – revealing the hardest-working teams and stars.

The Top-10 Hardest-Working Players

Taking the No. 1 spot is Phoenix Suns’ wing Mikal Bridges. Bridges traveled an impressive 212.5 miles throughout the season and burned an estimated 38,055 calories.

Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets fell short of first place by just 1.8 miles. The small forward, one of the NBA’s best dunkers, covered 210.7 miles during his 80 games last season, burning the most calories among the NBA’s top-10 hardest-working players.

Tyrese Haliburton (206.7), Tyrese Maxey (206.1), and Scottie Barnes (201.1) complete the top-five hardest workers, burning 178,615 calories between them and traveling a massive 1,037.1 miles.

Below is a list of the top-10 hardest-working players in the NBA:

RankingNameTeam(s)Total Calories BurnedDistance Covered (Miles)
1Mikal BridgesPhoenix Suns38,055212.5
2Miles BridgesCharlotte Hornets40,578210.7
3Tyrese HaliburtonSacramento Kings / Indiana Pacers29,436206.7
4Tyrese MaxeyPhiladelphia 76ers32,784206.1
5Scottie BarnesToronto Raptors37,762201.1
6Harrison BarnesSacramento Kings36,966195.1
7Dorian Finney-SmithDallas Mavericks36,994194.2
8Franz WagnerOrlando Magic34,653194.2
9Saddiq BeyDetroit Pistons36,945192.6
10Buddy HieldSacramento Kings / Indiana Pacers34,967192.2

The Top-10 Hardest-Working Teams

It’s a close race when it comes to the NBA’s hardest-working teams, with the Toronto Raptors just placing ahead of the Charlotte Hornets. Traveling 1548.7 miles during the regular season, the Raptors finished fifth place in the Eastern Conference division.

The Sacramento Kings (1,539.5), Phoenix Suns (1,522.4), and Miami Heat (1,505.9) make up the top-five hardest-working teams.

#TeamTotal Team Mileage
1Toronto Raptors1,548.7
2Charlotte Hornets1,546.8
3Sacramento Kings1,539.5
4Phoenix Suns1,522.4
5Miami Heat1,505.9
6Los Angeles Clippers1,503.5
7New York Knicks1,500.2
8Utah Jazz1,495.5
9Denver Nuggets1,494.7
10Cleveland Cavaliers1,492.7

Least Distance Covered by Teams

While division winners in the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat both rank high in terms of mileage last season, not all high-performing teams followed suit. In fact, the Eastern Conference’s Boston Celtics covered more than 200 miles less than the Raptors – only racking up 1,334.3 last season.

#TeamTotal Team Mileage
1Boston Celtics1,334.3
2Brooklyn Nets1,353.6
3Atlanta Hawks1,361.6
4Indiana Pacers1,372.1
5Washington Wizards1,383.7
6Houston Rockets1,400.1
7Los Angeles Lakers1,410.1
8New Orleans Pelicans1,418.7
9Detroit Pistons1,419.9
10San Antonio Spurs1,436.3

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