Photo: Gary Dineen/Getty Images

As the Milwaukee Bucks get ready to face off with the Boston Celtics in Game 7, head coach Mike Budenholzer is hoping to guard Jayson Tatum more effectively and also get better shots on offense.

(Via Bally Sports Wisconsin):

Coach Bud on trying to slow down Jayson Tatum:

“Contest harder. Keep him out of the paint at the same time. Seven free throws is not terrible for a guy like him who has the ball a lot, plays with it a lot. So, we just gotta keep contesting. We gotta guard screens better. We just gotta do everything on him a little bit better. Credit to him, he had a heck of a night.”

Coach Bud talks generating better looks on offense:

“It would be good to generate some. So, we gotta look at that. We gotta find if we can do that. Just be our best in a Game 7. It’s exciting, actually.”