PJ Dozier played a major role for the Denver Nuggets before tearing his left ACL back in November and getting traded to the Boston Celtics & Orlando Magic (waived by Orlando at the deadline).

Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic showed appreciation for Dozier following being eliminated by the Warriors in Game 5, mentioning just how important PJ was to this Denver group during the last few years.

(Via House of Highlights):

“I thought even in the start of the season, like, we have what we have. We cannot think, Oh, this guy is going to come back, this guy is going to come back. People forget we lost PJ. PJ was injured. I think he was a big part of our basketball. The guy who is six-foot, I don’t know, seven, eight, nine, ten, whatever. He’s big. He can handle the ball, guard multiple positions. He knows our system. I think we miss him. We miss Mike and Jamal, then Vlatko was having some playing time, he gets injured. Yes, it’s Mike and Jamal the most, but PJ, I think we missed him a lot in that stretch.”