Draymond Green
Photo: thesportsrush.com

Draymond Green thinks that some NBA players are not made for the playoffs. The three-time NBA champion did not specify which players he had in mind while making his comment though.

“Everybody not made for the playoffs,” Green said after Game 3 win over the Nuggets. “I don’t know if y’all can see that around the league. But look around the league and everybody just not cut out for the playoffs.”

Green proceeded with complimenting Gary Payton II who scored 11 points coming off the bench in this game as a player who showed up in the playoffs, which is not a normal thing according to the Warriors forward.

“[Gary Payton II] is showing that with his toughness and with mindset that he has you come out and you do what you do. But you got to give credit to guys who show up in the playoffs because it’s just not a normal thing around this league. You look around and some guys you think are guys are not guys in the playoffs. That’s just what it is.