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The Los Angeles Lakers’ notable season has already been folded in a disappointing passion, and Frank Vogel quietly envisioned that this bitter ending would eventually happen. 

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the whole franchise all year long – from the issues revolving around roster construction, chemistry, and the availability of their key figures – which have led to this disastrous crash in the lowest depths of the NBA. As such, from the observation of their former head coach, these unfortunate events were about to unfold even before the 2021-2022 campaign goes for the official tip-off. 

Lakers insider Bill Oram had a conversation with Vogel recently and asked him the exact time when he realized that Los Angeles wouldn’t have a ‘smooth season’ going forward. 

The defensive-minded tactician answered that the scene wherein he saw Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook not meshing up in the preseason was the moment of truth for him – that what he desired with the franchise for this season wouldn’t be attainable as it is.

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“I asked Frank Vogel, “When did you first realize this would not be a smooth season”? He went back to the preseason and said when Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis first played it didn’t look good. That’s before the regular season even started!”

The Lakers acquired Westbrook in a blockbuster deal with the Washington Wizards the last offseason, thus harnessing hype and high expectations. Unfortunately, all these hopes of a championship run with him are now gone as they are officially eliminated from the playoffs. Right now, uncertainty remains looming about the former league MVP’s long-term stay with the ball club after the unforgettable exit from the regular season.

Besides this realization that was given by Vogel, the Lakers may pinpoint any other painful reasons for their collapse and compromised future. Indeed it’ll be a challenging offseason to come, with questions continuing to pile on how they’ll be able to regain the basketball crown, brush off the ongoing problems, modify their form, and capitalize on the remaining time of LeBron James in Southern California.