76ers superstar James Harden did not appreciate comments from Clippers head coach Ty Lue who said that without free-throws he and Joel Embiid would not be a top 10 scorers in the NBA.

Those remarks were made before the game in which Los Angeles was thrashed by Philadelphia (122-97) in late March. Harden scored 29 points and 11/11 free-throws, while Embiid had 27 and 7/8 free-throws.

“Embiid is number one in the league from free-throw line and James is number three. I think they said if you take away their free-throws, neither one of those guys are being top 10 in scoring, so that just tells you how much they’re getting to the free-throw line.,” Lue said.

In recent interview Harden reacted to Lue’s comments, saying that they don’t make any sense because free-throws are part of the game.

Via Zion Olojede of Complex:

“I don’t even pay attention to it. Free throws are a part of the game. You look at who leads the league, Joel and Giannis, what about if you take away their free throws? I don’t understand what that comment meant. Free throws are a part of the game. It’s on the defense to have discipline and not foul. That’s what coaches should be teaching their players. For me I don’t pay attention to it, I just try to go out there and make an impact on the game in a positive way every night.”