It appears that a European basketball legend might be on his way to the Bay Area. 

Retired NBA star Pau Gasol claimed that he is working with the Golden State Warriors for a possible role within the franchise. 

Joining fellow former player J.J. Reddick in its ‘The Old Man & The Three’ podcast, the Spanish sports icon revealed that the Warriors welcomed him with open arms for a possible partnership. 

“I’m exploring a potential role with a team,” Gasol said. “I’ve been going a little bit under the radar with the Warriors, and they’ve kind of opened their doors for me to come in and be part of meetings, see the guys a little bit, and talk to some of the guys. It’s been nice, and maybe I’m going to do that more and more as I go forward.”

Yet, Gasol made it clear that he wants to take his time to adjust and fully feel the vibe within the hub of the Golden State before striking a mutual deal. 

“But again, I don’t want to rush into anything just yet. I want to get a feel, I want to learn, I want to observe, I want to see what kind of calls me, where I can get something that makes sense for me to gravitate into slowly. No rush right now, just enjoying what I have.”

The future hall of famer didn’t exactly mention if the position he is aiming on the Dubs is within the front office, player development or such. Indeed if he gets hired, his rich experience will truly help the development of the squad, more importantly on the side of James Wiseman who, in spite of flashing some great potential, is currently facing a daunting issue regarding his availability. 

A power forward protege, Gasol entered the league in 2001 and became the first international Rookie of the Year recipient as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. He is a six-time NBA All-star and was named as a member of the All-NBA team selections for four seasons. In addition, he played a crucial role in the Los Angeles Lakers’ back-to-back titles in the late 2000s, becoming the right-hand man of the late great Kobe Bryant. Moreover, he is a decorated cager representing his nation, clinching numerous medals as the leader of Spanish national basketball team from 2001 to 2017.