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Draymond Green frustrated on his impact regarding Warriors’ ongoing struggles

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Draymond Green has been the undisputed heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors throughout the years. His fiery emotions, vocal leadership, and jack-of-all-trades ability aided the franchise in molding a winning culture ever since the last decade — establishing one of the greatest basketball dynasties to ever exist. 

As such, no one can actually deny him as an impactful floor raiser, but the Warriors’ another heartbreaking loss on Sunday is a hard pill to swallow on the side of the former Defensive Player of the Year. 

Green, this time, had a slap of reality for himself with regards to what he alleviated in Dubs’ recent abysmal performances. 

“I’m playing terrible,” Green said following a 123-115 defeat against the Washington Wizards, via NBC Sports’ Ali Thanawalla. “I’ve never really been on a team that gets worse when I’m on the floor and that’s kind of where we are right now.”

Off to an 11-week layoff because of a back injury, Green received hefty expectations that he’ll enhance Golden State’s chances to finish the regular season on a high note, further assuming greater responsibility in guiding the squad after Stephen Curry was ruled out due to a sprained ankle earlier this month. 

But his comeback has been unbelievably disastrous so far. Throughout the seven games he logged in after his return, he compiled a lowly minus-41 plus-minus. 

The recent performances of Green are indeed alarming, as he is the undisputed mastermind of the overall tempo, pacing and system of the Dubs. 

“Some things I can correct, some things will come with time. Just kind of what it is but we’re definitely worse when I’m on the floor, that’s for sure.”

Whether it is a health issue or still finding a proper footing after an extended absence, Green will always remain as an integral piece of the Warriors’ ongoing exploits for another title. Being mindful of his very own struggles and negative presence is a clear sign that he is reflecting enough for the benefit of the franchise. 

Green can still redeem himself before the postseason starts on the remaining seven games of the Warriors. They are set to face fellow West giants Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night.

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