Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The Lakers are entering the final stage of the regular season sitting in ninth place in the Western Conference with 27 wins and 32 losses and with a considerable gap between them and the guaranteed playoff spot.

Despite the circumstances, Carmelo Anthony is confident that the purple and gold are ready for the playoffs as they need to make the final push in order to earn their spot in postseason.

“I think we’re built for it,” Anthony said ahead of the Clippers game. “I think we’re built for the second half of the season. I think we’re built for the postseason, it’s just some things we can’t control.

“Injuries we can’t control, you don’t know how that’s gonna come, you don’t know the effect that’s gonna have on that individual or the team as well.

“Those are things we can’t control but I think now the second half of the season, not second half of the season, it’s some 26 games left. So you’re coming down to a tail end of the season. It’s definitely something that we have to kind of change our approach and our mentality going down this stretch.”