Barcelona’s convincing display against Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv once again showed what kind of force the Catalan side is when its in full flow.

And, in every Final Four since 2009 (not counting 2011) Barcelona have been considered the major contender out of the four sides that contest the Euroleague’s centrepiece.

But only in 2010 did Barcelona taste success. The other four trips have all ended in bitter disappointment.

The players and coaches often say that the fans are considered as the true sixth man, something that Barcelona has severely lacked in Final Fours as the supporters section that is reserved for them has more empty seats than fans – but when the big game comes – the players are static, the offensive sets predictable and at times lazy.

Yet, when Barca are in the mood that they were in on Thursday night, they are fun to watch. Maccabi were blown away by stifling defence and solid execution by the Liga Endesa side with sublime ball movement, everyone getting involved and the results at the end of it: guaranteed points on the board.

Maciej Lampe

It’s also a bonus that the future of Barcelona looks to be in good hands. Alex Abrines, Mario Hezonja and Tomas Satoransky are only 21, 20 and 23-years-old respectively, yet are mature beyond their years. All three are important to the current success of the club and they will be looked upon to the continued accomplishments in years to come.

But the future of the club is being dealt with. The current goal, along with domestic glory is Euroleague success and with the squad they have and the continuity there for all to see (despite a subpar start), all roads should point towards Madrid in mid-May.

Question is, can they go from this (Milan 2014)

(London 2013)

(… and Istanbul 2012)

To this (Paris 2010)