Frank Vogel
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Lakers were among those NBA teams that did not make any moves before the trade deadline. Los Angeles is expected to be aggressive in the buyout market though.

But for the time being, the team will continue playing with its current roster. This removes some of the tension that is felt by the players when the traded deadline approaches.

According to Lakers head coach Frank Vogel, the energy changed within the team when the deadline passed. “It’s a new day,” he said. “I think our group had great energy today both in the team film session and in practice.

“I think there’s just a natural reset energy to our group knowing that the trade deadline has passed. This is the group that we pu together to start the year, this is a group we believe in.

“I think every team feels that on some level but I think our group in particular with how we played the last two games and how we were feeling about our group there was a bad energy to it.

“But I think with that deadline passing and having a refreshed mindset today our group had a really good energy about about going out and trying to win a game tomorrow and understanding and believing what we can do this year.”

The purple and gold will visit the Golden State Warriors for their next game.