Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Russell Westbrook was brought to the Los Angeles Lakers in part in order to mitigate situations when one of the team’s superstars either LeBron James or Anthony Davis miss games due to injuries.

This idea was tested in practice when AD was out for 17 games with a knee injury. The Lakers had two superstars in James and Westbrook available to play, yet the results were rather disappointing.

Last night against the Philadelphia 76ers the purple and gold had to deal without James. And despite having both Davis and Westbrook, Los Angeles lost by 18 points.

After the game Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was asked why his team is struggling in situations when they have two star players available.

“We didn’t play well enough offensively,” he said. “Anthony scored the ball, Russ scored the ball well in terms of being efficient. But as a group we didn’t move the ball well enough.

“We didn’t put enough pressure around the basket. We tried to create too much offense on our own as a group. We have to put pressure on the paint with our movement. I thought there was too much of guys trying to create on their own.

“And then when we did, we shot poorly at the rim, we shot poorly on open threes. You need everything you can get against team like Philly. But we just didn’t move the ball well enough offensively.”