The Los Angeles Lakers bounced back after a disappointing home loss against the Indiana Pacers by defeating the Orlando Magic on the road (116-105).

After trailing by 8 points at the half time the purple and gold switched up a gear in the third quarter to take a 7-point lead before the final period.

Carmelo Anthony was the second top scorer for the winners with 23 points in 17 minutes coming off the bench. According to him, the key to the Lakers controlling the second half was defense.

“We locked in in the second half,” Anthony said postgame. “We came out at the half time. First half we were kind of going through the motions a little bit. We had the lead but we let them come back so we were playing an up-and-down game.

“Second half we completely cut their water off and stuck to our schemes. Little bit more effort, little bit more energy in the second half than we did the first half.”