LeBron James once again played big minutes and scored 30 points but the Los Angeles Lakers were unable to defeat the Indiana Pacers. The four-time NBA champion also had 12 rebounds and 5 assists in 37 minutes of play.

With the rumors that Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is on the hot seat, James received questions about the coaching after the Indiana game.

“Coaching staff has been great,” he said. “They’ve put us in a position to succeed and we have to take care of business… There’s no blame.”

When asked specifically about Vogel’s situation, James refused to give comments. “I’m not in that business of pointing fingers or pointing blame ,or put a quote at the end or at the start of someone’s comment of what they feel where coaching staff or Frank is, where Russ is, or where I’m at, or where AD is,” LeBron said while adjusting his bracelet.

“If it’s not positive for me, I’m cool. It’s not my lane. I’m not a negative person.”