The crushing loss against the Denver Nuggets by the Los Angeles Lakers drew a wave of criticism towards the purple and gold for their lack of effort in that game. It was followed by LeBron James tweeting and apologizing the fans, saying it will not happen again.

Lakers players responded by defeating the Utah Jazz, a top four Western Conference team. According to LeBron, it was his responsibility as the leader of the team to make sure he and his teammates are giving their best effort.

“I think we all understood it,” James said postgame. “We understood that our energy and effort wasn’t where it needed to be in the Denver game, in the second half of the Memphis game and then whatever the other game we lost. It just that we weren’t playing to our capabilities or we wouldn’t give our maximum effort.

“That starts with me as a the leader of the team. Just taking home, just letting Laker nation know it wasn’t about anybody else, it was about our fans and the people that ride and die for the Lakers every single day, let them know that I got this and it wouldn’t happen again.”