Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Amongst the people who have shown excitement after the Miami Heat and Mario Chalmers reached a reunion deal, Chris Bosh is certainly one. 

And his latest Twitter joke is proof of that, saying that the old squad of the early 2010s Heat dynasty has to make a comeback and he still has some gas left in his tank to be pursued. 

On Wednesday, the COVID-marred Heat signed 36-year-old Chalmers to a 10-day hardship deal, sparking a renowned partnership on both sides. He was drafted by Miami in 2008 as their first-round pick, and the veteran spent the majority of his career representing South Beach. 

Bosh, who is now immortalized as a basketball Hall of Famer, is literally a fun guy. But, the disappointment and tons of ‘what if?’ still exist after his career ended quickly due to heart complications. 

If that is the case for Bosh, maybe someone has to make a call for Dwyane Wade, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, and LeBron James.