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James Worthy says Lakers’ blowout loss vs. Spurs was a ‘disaster’

The Los Angeles Lakers had their worst defensive game in terms of points conceded as they lost to the San Antonio Spurs 110-138. According to James Worthy, who won three NBA championships as a Laker, it was a disaster.

“A disaster, it’s what it was,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet. “It’s raining outside, it’s just nasty outside. I don’t have too many words to describe how bad of a shape the Lakers are in right now. We talk about not having everybody together, not having protocol and all that. They’re just not playing hard basketball.

“San Antonio, they’ve ran their offense to perfection. How many points off the bench I forget? 69 points off the bench! To the Lakers twenty-something. This team is yet to find any identity on either end of the court. Offensively I didn’t see one play set run with fluidity. I saw a lot of standing around.

“I know they were without major players. But man, you got to be able to play hard. We talked about points in the paint. They just couldn’t do anything.

“San Antonio coached well, played hard and when you play the game the way it is supposed to be played, you don’t have to be that talented. If the defense is not alert and giving you what. They just looked bad, it’s all I can say.”

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