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The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly eyeing additional enforcements in this season of futility. 

The team looks into the situation of possibly gaining the service of Caris LeVert of Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Harris or Orlando Magic veteran Terrence Ross, per Michael Scotto of HoopsHype

Caris LeVert is a name to watch there. I think if the Brooklyn Nets decide that they want to make some changes, Joe Harris is somebody the Cavaliers would be very interested in. Terrence Ross of the Orlando Magic fits the bill as well.

Moreover, Scotto detailed that the Cavs have also expressed interest in acquiring a small forward, in connection to what has been suggested to them prior this season. Some big names, like Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons, New Orleans Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram, and Jerami Grant of the Detroit Pistons were discussed, both internally and externally, by the team’s executive circle. 

Coming into this year, a lot of people said if the Cavaliers were going to make any blockbuster trade or improvement, they needed to find a small forward. They needed to find a three. Ben Simmons was brought up. Jerami Grant. Brandon Ingram. Those guys were brought up both internally and externally.

As they exceeded the expectations and fought their way out of the odds, Cleveland looks beyond to throw away assets in order to mold their best competitive form. Trading their first round pick, which has no high value due to their unbelievable 3rd place seeding in the East right now might be the most ideal move, while also considering giving up injured explosive guard Collin Sexton, who is expected to receive a lot of suitors. 

LeVert, 27, remains one of the lucrative assets being offered by the Pacers upon deciding a full-blown rebuild earlier this month. Meanwhile, the Nets were rumored willing to entertain some talks about Harris for enhancing the team’s structure and support around superstar Kevin Durant. As for the athletic, microwave swingman Ross, he is being tossed up around the NBA market and the Magic might pull for a transaction to make plenty of space on their young nucleus with a first rounder. 

While the Sixers remain committed on the hiatus of Simmons, there were reports that GM Daryl Morey currently leans on patience to gain a fitting proposal to ship the disgruntled star away — a top 25 player to be exact. Detroit has been piling tons of offers on Grant, and NOLA has produced plenty of murmurs about cutting ties with Ingram. 

The Cavs, 19-12, are retooling on their future and contention that no one would ever imagine without being linked to LeBron James. Indeed, they are a fearful ball club to watch with some promising young players being fortified by a handful of trustworthy veterans. 

More exciting moments ahead.