Photo: Twitter/Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors shooting guard Fred VanVleet is the NBA’s third top player in terms of three-pointers made per game with 3.3. He is behind Steph Curry (5.4) and Buddy Hield (3.5).

According to VanVleet, it was Curry that helped him make it to the NBA with his style of play. The way that the Golden State Warriors superstar changed the game was beneficial to the Raptors sharp shooter as also has his game based around the three-point shot.

Via Ryan Wolstat of Toronto Sun:

“He’s made it possible for me to be in the NBA first and foremost, with the three-point shot being where it is, I’m not sure my career would look the same if I wasn’t allowed to take the threes that I’m allowed to take and work on my game that way, to be able to expand my game,” VanVleet said.