Image courtesy: The Boston Globe

Jaylen Brown’s name has been frequently tossed up in the NBA market for now.

And certainly, he will be a potential asset to acquire amongst contending teams in the future if the Boston Celtics finally decide to part ways.

As published by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Celtics remain committed to their promising one-two punch of Brown and Jayson Tatum, as they are considered as the only “untouchables” to be moved from ongoing trade discussions with the other squads around the league this season.

But if ever things remain stagnant or underachieving on the side of the C’s for the following seasons to come, added by his rumored unavailability issues, Brown’s status will be a subject for monitoring in the NBA management circle.

While the Celtics appear committed to building around Brown and Tatum, speculation about Brown’s availability has notably increased around the league. It is an ongoing topic of conversation among sources familiar with both players. Moving Brown would appear highly unlikely until after this season and seems more plausible ahead of 2022-23. But as long as Boston floats on the periphery of the Eastern Conference playoff picture, league personnel will monitor Brown’s status and if the Celtics inch closer toward pivoting in a new direction. 

As he managed to return off to a five-game rest on Monday night’s win against the Milwaukee Bucks, Brown seemed rejuvenated upon dropping 19 markers, 5 assists, and four boards. He remains a threatful two-way force who has a high ceiling to further improve. While the whole Celtics fandom is holding their belief in him, he is surely delivering enough on a nightly basis beyond circumstances.

The enticing combo of Brown and Tatum stands firm and is possibly set to achieve further heights. They have maintained their position as partners in the long-term run, yet the upcoming adversities will truly test what they are made of as the franchise cornerstones.

At the end of the day, the process and optimism remain the same for both sides. The development is the priority, as the contention in the East further ignites the competitive fire that is beyond remarkable on the side of Boston basketball.