Photo: Glenn James/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks are averaging just 95.4 PPG on 27.0% shooting from deep in their last five games.

Head coach Jason Kidd said after Friday’s loss at Indiana that his club has to be held accountable for their poor shooting so far this season.

(Via Dallas Mavericks):

“We can’t shoot straight from behind the three point line. That’s you know, a broken record. We keep saying this for the last 25 games, except one game we shot 70%. We have to be better. We have to take responsibility at some point that we have to make shots. We’re doing everything by getting the ball in the paint and making the extra passes, it’s just that we’re not making shots. And then transition defense. When we don’t make shots, we don’t get back. And tonight was a perfect case. We score, they run it right back at us and we give up a layup. So, that’s just effort and communication, and we didn’t do a good job of that tonight.”