The Los Angeles Lakers blew a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Sacramento Kings and eventually lost after a triple overtime.

James Worthy, who won three NBA championships as a Laker, was disappointed with the way the purple and gold played in the fourth quarter and overtime. He pointed at shooting too many three-pointers when there were other options.

“I just want to go home,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet when asked to give his comments on the game. “It is just really not a lot to talk about.

“They were 15/44 from behind the arc from three. AD was 0/5, LeBron was 2/13 and that’s all they shot going down the stretch was threes. Whereas Monk was 4/7 from three.”

According to Worthy, the tactic used by the Lakers during overtimes was too one dimensional and did not involve enough players.

“We don’t involve enough people,” he continued. “LeBron is great and I love to see the ball in his hands but if that’s all we’re going to do is stand around and shoot threes as a good three-point shooter, we got to do more than that. That’s not team basketball.

“What we witnessed, those last three overtimes that is not team basketball. That is ‘We’re going to take our elite players, hope we hit some threes, forget about Monk, forget about other guys who can create.

“Where’s your playbook? This can’t be it down the stretch because this is not a winning formula. If you’re just going to shoot threes and try to win games that way when you have proven that you have plays that you can execute down the stretch.

“Stand around and just no movement it’s easy to defend, very easy, unless you got a really hot player like Sacramento did with Fox. And he didn’t hit only threes, he navigated a little bit.

“They got to do some soul searching now. I still think they’re ways out but my God, coming home, losing to the Sacramento team without two starters, the team that’s not playing that great.

“Forget Thanksgiving, that’s no excuse – we’re all full of Turkey. Man, they were full of something else tonight, I don’t know what.”