Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Following the loss to the Boston Celtics, which was the ninth one for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, Anthony Davis talked about what things his team has to improve in defense in order to start winning more often.

“Effort is number one,” AD said postgame. “Communication I think is number two, just talking… Bigs doing what they’re supposed to do on pick ‘n’ roll coverages. Guards doing what they’re supposed to do with guard screens. Everybody just got to do their job and follow the game plan.

“We can be elite defensive team. We got great defenders but we got to be able to do that as a collective. Effort we’re lacking, especially in third quarter. And I think a lot of it is you miss a couple of shots and guys get down and that kind of affects our defense.

“When shots are going in, defense kind of rises. But when we miss a couple of shots, the defense just kind of fades away. And then Jayson Tatum got it going off that little block. Got to do a better job with that. We can be elite defensive team if we want to. We just got to do a better job of bringing that energy and effort and communication.”