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Derek Fisher, who won five NBA championships as a Laker, shared his thoughts on why his former team is struggling after their loss to the Celtics. According to him, the players need to make a decision to focus on winning rather than having good statlines and the Lakers are lacking that right now.

“Lastly, I still think that there’s a tug of war between from an identity standpoint for a lot of guys individually,” Fisher said on Spectrum SportsNet. “You’re trying to figure out how do I do my thing and us win. And sometimes those two things have to be separated. And it’s just ‘Do I want to win?’

“Doesn’t matter how it looks, doesn’t matter what my statline is what my minutes are. The amount of energy, intensity, detail, game plan, discipline, communication, all of those things have to be maximum. And you might not like the way statsheet looks but your team wins more than the other team. It’s making that decision that that’s the only reason I’m out here.

“There’s still a little bit of resistance to that that this team has to go through where they can become more consistent in their performance. It’s not about losing. You’re going to lose a lot of games in the NBA. But it’s how they’re losing at times that it just doesn’t sit quite well. They can figure it out, there’s still time. But you want to see more of this ‘We’re in this together’ feeling. Doesn’t quite look that way.”