Talen Horton-Tucker had 17 points in 27 minutes for the Los Angeles Lakers in a win over the San Antonio Spurs. It was his first regular season game this year, as he was out with an injury during preseason.

Despite THT being out of action for a significant amount of time, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel put him on the starting lineup and gave him significant minutes.

After the game, Anthony Davis was asked to share his thoughts about Horton-Tucker’s development since last year as well as last night’s performance.

“To come out first game and do what he did was unreal,” Lakers star said. “He’s a young guy who loves to learn. He comes in and scored the ball, he was great defensively for us, made big plays. I was impressed.

“First game and to come in and do what he did to help us win it was huge and it’s a testament of his hard work. A lot of guys you come back you’re kind of rusty but he came in like he’s been playing with us this whole time.

“It’s the work he’s been able to put in even though he had his injury still being able to take his work seriously, his conditioning seriously and also that he’s 20-years-old too. But to come in and to play the way he played definitely helped us get this win.”