Image courtesy: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and Jordan Poole were seen having heated arguments on the sideline during their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday. 

Based on the video clip, Poole delivered some words that Green didn’t seem to appreciate, thus making the forward burst with his emotions. After some few moments, the two have mended on their differences according to reports. 

Meanwhile, Dubs head coach Steve Kerr is not concerned about the incident, thus even praising Green for its commitment to check his teammates out through the frequent showing of his intensity.

“They hashed it out afterward,” coach Steve Kerr said on Thursday. “They’re good.

“One of the things we love about Draymond is his energy and passion. We all know sometimes it bubbles over. The great thing with Dray is he’s always about the team. He’s always circling back. His loyalty and his passion always land in the right spot. Over 82 games, stuff like that is going to happen. It’s behind us.”

Kerr further clarified that Poole will always develop and be guided by the team’s proven veterans to succeed and do things accordingly within the court. 

“We’re giving Jordan a lot of rope,” Kerr said. “We want him to be aggressive. We need him to get to the rim. We need him to attack. That means he’s going to make some mistakes, because he’s just in his third year.

“But we have the internal leadership to rein him in. So, it’s not always me or one of the coaches who has to watch film with him and say, ‘Hey, this what you could have done,’ Or, ‘That is what you could have done.’ It’s our veteran players. It’s Andre (Iguodala), Draymond, Steph [Curry]. They do it together to help Jordan. There’s some tough love and there’s some lighter stuff, and everything in between.”

The Warriors will face the visiting Chicago Bulls for an enticing matchup on Friday inside the Chase Center in San Francisco.