Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma revealed he had a “back-and-forth” with some Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans in the Wizards’ 97-94 win last night. The former Lakers’ forward made two important threes in the fourth quarter to put Washington in front.

Apparently, there were some fans who got under Kuzma’s skin during Wednesday’s game with their trash-talking, so he decided to shut them up. The forward revealed the interaction with the Cavs’ hecklers after the game.

(via NBC Sports Washington):

“I was just ready for it and plus there were some hecklers during the game talking to me, so I had to. It was their fault, really, it was their fault,” Kuzma said.

“That was to them. Yeah, they had a sign up that said ‘LeBron [James] won Kuzma his ring.’ I said ‘without Bron, Cleveland wouldn’t be s***.’ They chose violence, so I just kept going,” Kuzma continued.

Kuzma had 22 points and hit two of his six total threes in the final 29 seconds. That included a go-ahead triple with 11.4 seconds left. The Wizards are the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

The versatile forward has made a strong start in Washington, after being part of the trade that sent Russell Westbrook to the Lakers this past offseason.

He’s averaging 14.8 points, 9.1 rebounds along with 2.0 assists per game. Kuzma is shooting 38 percent from beyond the arc and 43 percent from the field.