Jaylen Brown
Photo: Getty Images

Jaylen Brown has been out for the Boston Celtics since last Saturday, after suffering a hamstring injury during the Cs’ win over the Miami Heat.

Since then, Brown is still recovering, as Boston announced he will be out for at least one or two weeks. The All-Star forward has a rich history of hamstring issues in the last few seasons.

(via Boston Herald):

“Could be before then, just based upon how today’s session went, tomorrow’s session goes, and we go from there,” he said after working out on the side following Wednesday’s shootaround. “We assess from there. These things could last longer or they can heal up pretty quick. So I think one or two weeks was about right.”

Brown then assessed he’s taking his recovery as a day-to-day process, hoping to put the work to remain healthy for the rest of the season and not re-injured his hamstring.

“I think the concern is because it was, I think, maybe a year ago before the season kind of shut down, I had the same injury,” he said. “So I just re-injured the same injury. So, I think that was more of the concern, but as far as hamstring injuries go, this is my lightest one I think that I’ve had.”

“It’s getting better. Got some good work today. Working with the team, trying to get back on the court. It’s getting a lot better,” said Brown.

The 25-year-old is averaging a career-high 25.6 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.5 assists over the first eight games of the season.