Photo: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Steph Curry was on fire during the Golden State Warriors’ home opener vs. the Los Angeles Clippers. The “Dubs” superstar went off for 45 points, with 25 of them coming in the first quarter.

Paul George talked on Curry’s performance after the Warriors defeated the Clippers 115-113. The Clippers’ superstar called Curry the ‘complete package offensively’.

Curry was unstoppable on Thursday night, shooting a scorching 8 for 13 from beyond the arc. Curry’s off-ball movement requires constant attention from the defenses, as any lapse of concentration could result in an open shot.

“He’s so good, he’s just the complete package offensively,” George said via Zoom, per OC Register. “So good at shooting the 3 but just so good at getting open for layups. He’s mastered how to get free without dribbling a ball.

“He’s just so elusive and quick it’s hard to – one second you look away and he’s gone or you’re not attached to him, he’s gone. It just takes, honestly, a whole five players to just have an awareness of where he’s at, because one step and he’s out of there.

“And he shoots it so quick you can’t allow him to get free. So that’s just what it is when he gets going like that, you got to just crowd him and try to force him to play into his body. You got to try to wear him out. We didn’t do it well enough tonight, but again, it’s just good things to take with us.”

George kick-started his 2021-22 season precisely where he left off last postseason, with a 29-point, 11-rebound, six-assist game. However, PG’s heroics weren’t enough, as Curry went in flames in front of the Warriors’ home crowd.

The Los Angeles Clippers will hope to do a better job defensively on opposing stars in their upcoming games.