Collin Sexton
Photo: AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Cleveland Cavaliers did not reach an agreement with Collin Sexton, who will become a restricted free agent the next summer.

With an extension off the table, the Cavs keep open the possibility that Collin Sexton could be signed by another NBA team.

According to the Cavs reporter Evan Dammarell, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans could outbid Cleveland next summer.

“First off, Cleveland could also risk possibly losing him to another team in free agency as well. There aren’t many teams out there who have the salary cap space that makes sense for Sexton other than the Detroit Pistons, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans that could outbid Cleveland in free agency.

Of those aforementioned teams, the Thunder could be a legitimate threat since, according to sources, Oklahoma City is intrigued by the pairing of Sexton alongside budding superstar Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and their bevy of youngsters.”

Sexton demanded a contract extension around north of $100 million; however, the negotiations never came to fruition as both sides tried to come to an agreement.

Dammarell reported that if any NBA team makes a massive offer, which his team does not feel comfortable to match, then the Cavaliers will probably commit to a sign-and-trade deal for the promising guard.

For now, the ‘Young Bull’ will try to lead the Cavaliers to new heights, after consecutive rebuilding seasons, in which the Cavs ended up with one of the worst records in the league.