Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers yet again lost their season opener after falling to the Golden State Warriors, a trend that continues since 2017. According to James Worthy, who won three NBA championships as a Laker, the team is not doing the things it practices when real games are played.

“Now we see that what they’ve been doing in practice has nothing to do with what goes on in the game,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet. “So all that talk about preseason stuff, they needed to be working on some stuff. And they still have some stuff to work on because they didn’t look together. They didn’t look like what they’ve been practicing on even was there defensively.

“Forget about the offense. Defensively they just couldn’t get their rotations right. Golden State got a ton of three-point shots. It’s only one game, they got 81 more. But we have to judge what we saw tonight. And they got some work to do. I think it’s expected. It’s still a lot of new faces, still a lot of new players. We’re not giving them a pass but they got to work on some stuff. Golden State worked on the preseason and they’re showing that it’s paying off. So they got some work to do.”