Steve Kerr
Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle 2019

It’s pretty common for veteran teams to downplay their performance during the preseason. Golden State Warriors’ head coach believes that’s the case in the Lakers’ 0-6 record.

In a chat on the “Warriors’ Multiverse” podcast, he spoke about L.A. ahead of the new season and expressed confidence that their preseason performance doesn’t mean a thing.


“I suspect they’ve (Lakers) been playing possum a little bit in the preseason. They’ve been around long enough to know that preseason games don’t mean a thing. So we’re expecting their best effort tomorrow,” said Kerr.

On the opposite side, the Warriors went 6-0 to finish the preseason, including two wins vs. the Lakers. With opening tip-off just hours away, we’ll get the chance to see what these teams look like when it matters.

The season starts on Oct.20 with a game between the Lakers and the Warriors, two teams that are expected to be at least in the playoffs by the end of the regular season.