DeAndre Jordan
Photo: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times

DeAndre Jordan is the favorite to start for the Lakers if they decide to go with big lineups during the season.

If head coach Frank Vogel uses Anthony Davis as a power forward, then Jordan will be the starting center.

“We have had conversations about it potentially being Dwight. But we feel like at the end of the day one of the strengths of our team two years ago when Dwight was here was how much he punished backup centers and backup lineups.

There’s a lot of small-ball with second units now. And we really just moved the needle with how effective he was with second units and something we like with this year’s team, and DeAndre filling with the first unit.

So we’ve had those types of conversations. This is where we are tonight. We’re not married to it, obviously, in the preseason with a new team,” Vogel said, via Lakers Nation.

It is still unclear what the Lakers starting lineup will look like in the season opener on Tuesday. The Big 3 will certainly start vs the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center. Kent Bazemore and DeAndre Jordan are among the favorites to join them.