LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo: Getty Images

Coming off a tough season which was hindered by injuries, Anthony Davis is expected to return to his usual self this year. The 28-year-old forward will have another star beside him in Russell Westbrook. The two sat down with the media to talk about playing together.

Westbrook said he will be pushing Davis to be the best player he can be. While AD appreciated having teammates who are pushing him and making it known when he makes mistakes, he says he does not need to be encouraged.

“It’s good. I like teammates who are going to push me,” Davis said during media availability. “Encouragement — I don’t need to be encouraged. I want to be pushed. I want guys to tell me when I’m messing up. Me and Russ had numerous conversations just in this first practice alone about things we can do together as a duo when we’re both on the floor.

“That’s what I wanted and I got six-seven guys that’s doing that — Russ, Bron, Doe, Melo, DJ, Dwight. I got numerous guys that’s always in my ear about things. You can’t ask for more as a player who wants to get better.”