Los Angeles Lakers - Rob Pelinka, Russell Westbrook, Frank Vogel
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Washington Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard denied the reports that Russell Westbrook asked the team to get traded this offseason.

According to him, the 32-year-old star point guard wanted to join the Los Angeles Lakers but was okay with remaining a Wizard if that deal would not happen.

Sheppard recalled asking Russ if he would have any interest in joining another LA team, the Clippers. Westbrook was very clear he would not. “Hell no,” was his response to the Wizards GM.

Via Matt Weyrich of NBC Sports Washington:

“I really have to make sure the record is straight on that,” Sheppard said in an interview with NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller. “Russell actually never asked to move on. He just said, ‘If I can get to the Lakers, that’d be something I would love to do. If not, I’ll be back here.’ I said, ‘What about the Clippers?’ He said, ‘Hell no.’ So Russell was happy being here and we were very grateful for him being here.”