Shaquille O'Neal
Photo: Los Angeles Times

Skip Bayless is known for his bold statements and predictions throughout his TV analyst career. The well-known LeBron critic made another one regarding Shaquille O’Neal’s ranking himself fourth in the all-time centers list.

Bayless does not agree with the former Lakers’ superstar, claiming that he’s underestimating himself in the latest UNDISPUTED episode.


“Shaq is underestimating himself here, putting him 4th. The problem with this is are we talking about a small sample size or the whole career,” Bayless said in his opening remark.

“If I’m eye-testing this. If I try to imagine Shaq vs Kareem at their greatest, I don’t think Kareem could’ve dealt with Shaq. You could agree backwards to me that “Shaq couldn’t have dealt with Kareem”.

But, Shaq did make 3 All-Defensive teams in that stretch. So, he was doing it on both ends too. And he was 7 feet 1 inches tall and probably outweighed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by 40 or 50 pounds.

Kareem just could not have dealt with him because Shaquille O’Neal was a dancing bear. You are talking about agile, touch and feel.”