Rob Pelinka
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

It will be a very different Los Angeles Lakers when the 2021-2022 NBA season begins. The team added 8 new players in what was a total revamp of the roster. As sports analyst Colin Cowherd observed, there are no players left on the team from LeBron James’ first season as a Laker.

“Opportunity. I think it was an opportunity to make an aggressive move that we felt like bettered our probability to bring the 18th title to the Los Angeles Lakers,” general manager Rob Pelinka said during Russell Westbrook’s intro press conference.

“When an opportunity like that comes, you’re thoughtful, you analyze it, you look at the pros and cons and then you make a decision. That’s what the leaders are tasked to do. We felt like this was an opportunity to maximize our ability to do what we’re obsessed to do. And that’s to bring the 18th title to the city.”