Photo: FIBA Basketball

After their disappointing loss to France, Team USA bounced back with an emphatic 120-66 win over Iran to improve their record to 1-1.

Damian Lillard led his team with 21 points and seven threes to bounce back from his disappointing performance vs. France.

Devin Booker followed Lillard with 16 points, while Zach LaVine had an all-around performance with 13 points, eight assists and four rebounds.

On the other side, Mohammad Jamshidi and Hamed Haddadi shared a team-high 14 points for Iran. Navid Rezaeifar followed with 13 points.

United States will face the Czech Republic on Saturday for the third game of the Olympic’s tournament’s preliminary round. Iran, who dropped to 0-2, will face France in three days, and they need to win to have any hope of advancing to the next round.