Dennis Schroder Lakers Jazz
Photo: Lakers Daily

Los Angeles Lakers have numerous decisions to make this offseason, including the free agency situation of starting point guard Dennis Schroder.

Schroder turned down an $80 million contract extension offer in February, believing that he can be offered more during the offseason.

On Chad Ford’s NBA Big Board podcast, veteran NBA insider Marc Stein of Substack – revealed that the Lakers appear set to move on from Schröder this offseason in contrast to giving him the hefty contract he desires.


“The easiest thing would be re-signing Dennis Schröder, but Dennis Schröder wants crazy money. Dennis Schröder thinks he’s a $100 million player. He’s already turned down an extension in the $80 millions, and the vibe from the Lakers really is, I think they’d rather move on from Schröder. I don’t think they see Schröder as a starter. I think they like him as a Sixth Man, but they want something more out of their main backcourt guy.”

Several reports suggested that the Lakers are interested in adding more prominent names in the point guard position, like Kyle Lowry, who is a free agent this offseason, and Chris Paul, who may opt-out of his current contract with the Suns.

Also, the LA franchise could be open to the discussion of a sign-and-trade for the German scoring guard, hoping to receive assets or a starting-caliber player in the process.