LeBron James
Photo: nbcsports.com

Two-time WNBA champion Cappie Pondexter made shocking claims during her Instagram Live stream. The former point guard played 12 seasons professionally before retiring in 2018. According to Pondexter, the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is a trafficker who is trafficking women ‘in real-time’.

“I ain’t confused. I ain’t on that shit, that n*gga tried to kill me for real. I just f*cking got outta that shit, I’ve been missing for almost like two years. I ain’t even know where the f*ck I was at,” former WNBA star said.

“I do not f*ck with LeBron James, that n*gga is a trafficker my n*gga. That n*gga is a trafficker. He is a f*cking trafficker. He traffick women in real-time. That n*gga stole all my money out my bank account,” she claimed.

A couple of years ago she went missing and even the WNBA asked publicly for help to find her. Eventually she was arrested for suspicion of battery.